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My story started with learning to run my own firm. 

Now, it’s focused on helping you run yours—with confidence.

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I’m committed to helping you level up your firm.

After building my business and serving on committees like the Intuit Tax Council and Forbes Finance Council, I’ve created the communities and services I wish I would have had when getting started in my accounting firm.




Jackie Meyer
Business Coach for Accountants

My passion is resourcing and coaching accounting firm owners through a proven process to build a business you finally love. 

Accountants and tax planners like us aren’t simply numbers crunchers. We’re strategic thinkers who add tremendous value to our clients. 

Yet whether you’re an army of one or lead an entire team, it seems that for every one thing you cross off your to-do list—two more take its place. The irony is growth is a byproduct of your success. Every win I experienced in the early days of my firm was exciting and left me feeling hopeful and excited for the future. But, I quickly found out that growth carried a daily grind of running my business that I wasn’t prepared for. 

Serving clients. Growing my team. Building systems. 

These are all needed things to succeed for the long haul. But let’s face it…

A degree in finance or accounting from even the best academic institution doesn't adequately prepare you to both do the work and operate a business you love at the same time. In my time running my firm, I’ve made mistakes and learned best practices along the way that completely transformed my firm (and life). Now, my focus is packaging and passing those insights on to you and other accountants so you can build a business you love.

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Your firm should feel like a playground, not a prison. 

Without the right systems and structure in place, doing something you love can easily lead to frustration and burnout. 

Unsustainable hours? Razor-thin margins? Clients who just don’t get it? I’ve experienced it all and want something better for you. 

I want you to have time—and freedom—for what matters most. Kids. Family. Friends. Hobbies. With determination, guidance, and the right suite of tools, you can have time and energy for all these things, plus a thriving practice too.

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