Episode 1 - The Concierge CPA with Jackie Meyer

October 18, 2022 Concierge CPA Marketing

Jackie Meyer is the host of The Concierge CPA Podcast. From listening to the various episodes in her podcast, Jackie is hoping you’ll find an idea that will transform your practice.

Jackie Meyer is:

So, what is The Concierge CPA Podcast all about?

The Concierge CPA: General Basis

The Concierge CPA was created for:

  • Accounting firm owners
  • Accounting industry influencers
  • EAs
  • CPAs
  • Other accounting firm owners who are making a difference in the business world

Jackie says that she believes that everyone makes an impact either in their life, community, or the world. She wants to hear how all different kinds of accounting firm owners are making their impacts. 



Some of the prompts that interests Jackie include:

  • What are these accounting firm owners doing in their lives?
  • What’s unique to their firm(s)?
  • What challenges have these accounting firm owners overcome in their practices?

And, of course, Jackie is going to have fun with her guests on the podcast. She’s also curious about her guests’ favorite books, influencers they like, what they like about themselves, and other fun questions. 

Why the Term, “Concierge CPA”?

Jackie uses the term “concierge” as having a “niche.” Jackie’s niche/specialty is tax planning. 

“I adore [tax planning,]” Jackie said. “I don’t know why I was blessed with this weird passion for tax planning, but I’ve been--so that’s what it means to me.”

For other practice owners, their niches could involve all sorts of things. The possibilities and options involving niches are endless. Having a niche makes you and your practice unique from everyone else.

Why Niche?

Why is it a strategy for CPAs to have a niche rather than be a one-stop shop for all CPA needs?

Well, you don’t want to become a commodity. If you’re a one-stop shop, then your business is going to struggle. 

    • You’ll work long hours
    • Not get the freedom you want
    • Staff will become too stressed
  • You’ll become too stressed
  • Clients won’t get the services they need
  • One client enters, another client leaves--an endless cycle

Jackie wants to transform the niche industry into a better industry. She is eager to show off these practices that are going above and beyond in her podcast. When you niche, you set yourself apart from other businesses. Jackie values these firms, and she plans to listen to their stories.

How does Jackie Work with CPAs, Founders, and Professionals in the Industry?

Back in 2016, Jackie had a business coach that helped her transform her practice. The business coach asked her if she wanted to co-coach with him and help other accountants better their practices. From that point, the two of them founded the Concierge Accountant Program. The program entails six-month masterminds that gear toward positively transforming practices.

The program encourages improvement for growing accountants. Overall, the program is giving accountants the confidence and accountability they need to better their practice and their lives. 

Improving Yourself

Jackie is an open book. She’s learned many tips and tricks through her coaching program and her life. She utilizes these tips and tricks to better the firms of the accountants she’s coaching. 

Jackie plans to share these creative and innovative ways to help you grow your firm. She’ll discuss these life-changing strategies with different guests throughout the episodes of her podcast. If a particular guest is struggling with something, Jackie will work with them to find the answer they need. 

Improvement is the main key. How can she help her guests improve? How can her listeners improve? Either way, improvement is one of the most important impacts in the accounting industry. 

Trends in the Accounting Industry

What trends have taken/are taking over the accounting industry? Jackie details that technology is taking over. She sees technology as a motivator to have a niche practice or a value-add proposition at your firm. 


Technology will take over the basic accounting functions and tax preparation functions over the next several years. The power of technology is quickly approaching, and its advanced features are never going to stop improving.

An unfortunate trend in the accounting industry is the Great Resignation. Businesses are losing staff left and right. 

Jackie finds it crucial to have an honest and open conversation about:

  • How do we retain staff members?
  • How do we change our practices to make them better?
  • How do we get people eager to join our practices?

These two themes--the rise of technology and the force of the Great Resignation--will be two major themes in The Concierge CPA Podcast.

Great Guests

The Concierge CPA Podcast is a host-guest type of show. Jackie isn’t looking for perfection in her guests. She’s not expecting guests to have it all figured out. That being said, though, Jackie is looking for guests that have something figured out. 

Based on what these guests have going for them, Jackie wants to know:

  • What is separating their firm from other firms?
  • What is that “secret” that’s making their firm shine?
  • What is working for them?
  • How can they improve over the next 12 months?
  • What are their plans?

Jackie will bring in some influencers as guests as well.

Jackie’s Hope for the Listeners

When you’re listening to the podcast, Jackie hopes you’re going to learn one key idea that could potentially better and transform your practice. Jackie will introduce loads of different key ideas from diverse backgrounds in her podcast. The accounting firm involves so many kinds of facets, and Jackie plans to discuss all of them.

From listening to The Concierge CPA Podcast, you’re bound to take away one key idea that will change your life.

How to be a Guest!

If you want to be a guest--or if you can think of someone you would like to nominate as a guest on The Concierge CPA Podcast--go to Jackie’s website. In the menu, find “Apply to be a Concierge CPA Podcast Guest.” Then, you’ll see a link where guests can directly apply. You can verify if you’re a good fit or not based on the application’s criteria. 

Final Thoughts

Jackie is hoping to radically transform the accounting industry. She wants to better the work-life balance for every accountant. Her goal is to assist with accountants’ physical and mental health. Through her podcast, she will discuss how you can overcome mental health challenges in the industry.

Jackie wants to change the world--and you are a beneficial part of that mission.

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