Episode #11 - Driving Efficiency Through Discipline with Chuck Bauer

January 27, 2023 Concierge CPA Marketing

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Concierge CPA podcast with Jackie Meyer. Join us today as we talk efficiency models through efforts of discipline with Chuck Bauer. 

About the Guest

Chuck Bauer assumes the role of ‘bad cop’ when it comes to coaching with Jackie. 

We’re only kidding of course, Chuck is an experienced leader in the accounting industry and his ‘let’s get it done and let’s get after it’ attitude is what makes him one of the best. As Jackie and Chuck coach together, their students get the best of both worlds with the combination of Chuck’s go-get attitude and Jackie’s smooth and calming presence. 

A true definition of good cop, bad cop.

The Value of Connection

Jackie leads with the question asked on most of the podcasts. She asks Chuck (even though he isn’t much of a reader), what is one book, talk, or educational content piece that the listener should drop everything and go pick up? Make sure to finish this podcast first though. Wink. wink. 

Chuck tells us about a personal friend of his, a well-known leader, Jim Rohn, and his book, The Seasons of Life.  

Chuck had such a personal connection with this book, and the principles taught within it, that when he accidentally left it on a plane, he experienced an empty feeling inside. Talk about the value of that connection. 

We also hear in a follow-up question asked by Jackie, that Chuck is very skilled in his relationships and connection with others and the practice of discipline. 

From the perspective of accounting leadership, Chuck encourages us to think about our relationships in two groups: 

  • Clients and prospects 
  • Staff and colleagues 

Even as analytical thinkers, it’s important to take risks and investigate outside-of-the-box tactics, as Chuck calls them, when it pertains to building work and personal relationships and connections. 

Chuck also tells us about the importance of discipline in all things, especially with his background in the airfield. Discipline is key to success, and is up there with oxygen according to Chuck - and he has a point. 

Maybe you’ve heard the Eric Thomas motivational speech, or have done further research on the famous quote ‘when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.’ to find that it actually stems from a teaching by Socrates about wisdom. 

Either way, discipline is a foundational element to success. Not only does discipline have its traditional meaning, but also assumes the role of following through on plans in the midst of strengths and weaknesses.

Time > Money

Imagine a 4-day work week, no wait a 12-day work MONTH. This is where the discipline taught by both Jackie and Chuck comes into play. Think of all the time that would be saved, and it starts with this 25-minute podcast!  

We are in a new age right now. Surprisingly, this is where time is valued more than money. 

Speaking of time, Chuck gives an efficiency hack that will save an abundance of time. He quickly tells us to maximize features found in Outlook or Google. 

After a story about 129,000 emails in a VP’s inbox and 60-hour work weeks, Chuck provides three quick tips on how to handle the diversion of emails, for example. 

When diverting emails to the next level of management are they: 

  • Emergent
  • Urgent
  • Non-Urgent 

From here, it's really simple. Having the discipline to create efficiencies and do this over and over again is what helps Chuck and Jackie spend time in Napa, right before the April 15th deadline. 

We promise this podcast is in the nonfiction category. The out-of-the-box tactics can really help create new realities for the accounting world. 

When it comes to prioritizing time, author Stephen Covey gives a great visual for productivity. It is called the Time Management Matrix.

Just Keep Moving

Analysis Paralysis is a real thing that many business owners experience and struggle with, especially in the accounting industry. 

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Chuck gives an incredible perspective on defeating this mindset. In the tax and accounting sector, it's difficult to move without things looking how they’re supposed to. Chuck uses the verbiage from an example, ‘well, I can’t move until it’s perfect.’ 

This is flawed thinking! In order to overcome this, we have to take what is imperfect and turn it into perfection. 

Napoleon Hill says, ‘Don’t wait. The time may never come.’ 

It makes for an uncomfortable situation, but by continuing to move forward, our creativity flows. We are allowed to make moves when things aren’t exactly perfect, and in the process create the desired outcome. 

Jackie and Chuck talk about a class they both teach and coach. This is the Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind. Click on the link for more information and be encouraged to dive in if it makes sense for you! 

Chuck concludes with his top three items for success: 

  • Discipline 
  • Tenacity 
  • Implementation 

He also gives us two resources to reach him: 

As always, check out Jackie online for additional resources

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