Episode 2 - Just Do It with Small Business Tax Savings Podcast’s Mike Jesowshek

October 24, 2022 TaxPlanIQ Support team

In today’s CPA Concierge podcast, Jackie introduces Mike Jesowshek. Mike is the founder and host of the Small Business Tax Savings Podcast. In this podcast, Jackie and Mike talk about letting go and taking on ideas/tasks in an efficient way.

Meet Mike Jesowshek

Mike is out of Wisconsin, and his firm is headquartered in Florida. However, he and his firm work all over the country. He’s a licensed CPA and an entrepreneur and has gone through many business stages--good and bad. With the Small Business Tax Savings Podcast, Mike aims to help other businesses and taxpayers thrive in their own special journeys. 

Starting a Podcast

In the beginning, Mike created YouTube videos that took on the form of a podcast. With a welcomed suggestion, he decided to begin his podcast journey, but only produced two episodes. Six months later, someone reached out to Mike and wanted to work with him and his podcast. He took the opportunity. 



Ever since that moment, Mike has produced weekly episodes and blog posts. 

He says creating and producing a podcast starts slow and takes a while before you gain any kind of attention.

However, podcasts have a dual purpose. They help attract potential clients and are a great resource for current clients.

His advice: if you’re not initially getting a lot of listeners, then at least serve the people you know will listen. Answer your client's questions and you’ll gain more traction and listeners. 

He also advises not to wait to get your content out if you want to start a podcast. Release it as fast as you can. It doesn’t have to be completely perfect, but remember, the more content you have, the more traction you’ll gain. 

When Do You Start a Business?

If you have a clear idea, then start your business as soon as possible. You can’t hold onto this idea, though. If you wait too long, potential competitors will start popping up. You need to be two steps ahead, otherwise, the competition will beat you to it.

Maybe you’re waiting on your business idea because you’re taking some time to make it perfect. By waiting, though, you’re going to end up being late. 

Whatever that idea is, do it and do it quickly. Get something out there fast because you never know what will get traction. 

Releasing a Product

Mike and his firm were working in a cloud-based system and at the time, there weren’t many product management systems for accountants. So in turn, Mike and his firm decided to make their own system.

The problem was that he and his firm spent three years building so, by the time the system was launched, there were already six competitors. The system was perfect, but its only client was Mike’s firm. He ended up using a different system since his own wasn’t getting any traction. 

Mike advises people to release their minimal liable products--even if it’s not perfect yet--to see if people would want them. If people want the product, they’ll give you suggestions. You can use these suggestions to your advantage and enhance your system based on other people’s thoughts. Through this process, you’ll gain more attention for your product. 

Letting Go

Over the years, Mike learned to “let go.” It was tough to let someone else do his work. He kept thinking, “Is this person going to do the work as good as I do it?” 

Yet, he was able to learn how to let go through:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Trust

Mike had to stop expecting that his hired team would act exactly like him. He kept a constant mindset that his workers were 70% efficient at what he could accomplish. 

By keeping this mindset, Mike was able to feel satisfied with his workers’ outputs. Some of his staff exceeded his expectations, and some of his staff stayed at the 70% average. 

As long as the staff stayed at or beyond the average, Mike was able to trust his staff and accept their new ideas sourcing through his firm. 

Mike’s Productivity Hack

Mike was putting off what he deemed as difficult tasks until the last minute. However, he realized that they were easy when he began the tasks. 

Tackle what you think will be the most difficult task as soon as possible. If you get these tasks out of the way, then you’ll notice how much easier they will become. You’ll also be able to knock off smaller tasks faster having your longer tasks out of the way.

In the last hour of the day, complete your smaller and quicker tasks. Whatever is leftover, plan on doing those tasks the first thing the next day. 

Mike also suggests time-blocking and having a shutoff point. 

You can’t work 24/7. Even if it’s taking a few hours, a day, or a week off, do whatever you can to allow yourself some free time. This will help with motivation and production. 

Final Thoughts

If you wish to reach out to Mike, visit his website: taxsavingspodcast.com. Listen to Episode 2 of The Concierge CPA Podcast today! If you liked what you read, subscribe and/or share this with a friend. 

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