Episode 4 - Dream Bold with Tatiana Tsoir

November 15, 2022 Concierge CPA Marketing

In Episode 4 of The Concierge CPA, Jackie Meyer interviews Tatiana Tsoir. The two talk about how Tatiana has restructured her life in a way that allows her to invest time in herself and in other practices. They also talk about the importance of keeping yourself educated and well-rounded in not only your industry but in other mediums as well.

Meet Tatiana Tsoir

Tatiana is a:

  • CPA
  • Business Coach
  • Author
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Trainer for Entrepreneurs

Tatiana loves bookkeeping. She considers this aspect of her career as her main specialty. Tatiana also finds doing the same thing over and over again to be boring. She likes to educate herself on different platforms and try new things. One of the biggest fields she tackled was creative writing. Tatiana is the author of Dream Bold, Start Smart: Be Your Own Boss & Make Money Doing What You Love.

Properly Structuring Your Week

After going through coaching, Tatiana reduced her hours and restructured her week. Through her restructuring process, she ended up with 1-2 days of work and 3 free days in her week. A combination of things helped her figure out how to make her week freer and easier to manage:

  • Concierge training
  • Setting boundaries for clients
  • Stopped giving away free stuff to clients
    • Tatiana says this was a difficult but rewarding choice. When she stopped giving away free stuff, she found herself earning more money. She was also able to focus more on tasks she was actually getting paid to complete.
  • Splitting her work time into different segments throughout the week
  • Using a “missed” day but replacing it later in the week
    • “Missed” days examples include being sick, a snow day, family matters, etc.

Tatiana wanted more time to focus on writing her book. She needed creative work days. Once she restructured her week, she was able to zero down on her writing. Tatiana stresses structuring your week in a way that will make you successful--you don’t want to stress yourself out with so many tasks that you can’t do anything else.

Learning and Pushing through Challenges

Tatiana goes through many challenges in her life. Pushing and learning through these challenges is Tatiana’s main method. 

For example, one of her top clients has been in business for over 20 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic first happened, a huge panic swept the brick-and-mortar industry. Instead of panicking, Tatiana’s client looked over numbers and worse-case scenarios. Through researching his available information, he began to churn out plans with Tatiana that would inevitably help him and his business get through the pandemic. He ended up having his best year yet and, since then, every year has continued to be his best year. Tatiana and her client pushed through the challenge and succeeded. 

Tatiana’s most recent personal challenge is understanding marketing. Through promoting her book and being an educator, she has had to learn more and more about the world of marketing. She is also trying to learn psychology. She has clients that might get angry with her, and she wants to understand where that core frustration is coming from. Even though these two subjects are semi-new to her, Tatiana takes this learning experience as an achievable challenge.

Getting Exposure

Tatiana’s main strength is in bookkeeping. When she went to school, she also worked as a freelance bookkeeper. She was learning her field in two different mediums at the same time. She recommends not working at a big firm at first. When you work for a large firm, Tatiana says you are part of a conveyor belt operation. Instead of choosing this route, you need to choose a smaller job that will get you more hands-on experience. 

Tatiana applied for an internship at a big company and they turned her down. She ended up working at a small accounting firm in New York City. The company had her working with tax services even though she had no prior experience in the field. Yet, because of her exposure to bookkeeping and accounting, the company trusted her to work with other services.

The more exposure you can get, the more you will excel in your field. Whether that’s broadening your knowledge in your specific field or learning from different industries, you can expand your horizons and find yourself becoming a more well-rounded person.

What does “Concierge CPA” mean to Tatiana?

To Tatiana, the “Concierge CPA” means getting first-hand experience with concierge accounting. Tatiana began with concierge accounting. She resonated with this medium and took it to the next level within her career. With concierge accounting, your client has one main value: time. The CPA should do everything possible to help their client grow and understand their business. The client expects the CPA to walk them through different processes and assist them with making better decisions in their career.

The “Concierge CPA” advocates for clients’ value and gives them the help and understanding they need.

Final Thoughts

Tatiana says, “If there’s anyone else in this world I’d be willing to bet on, it would be me.” She advises this same thought for you! 

It’s important to enjoy the grind. If you’re miserable in your work, do something that will fix this problem. Once you figure out what’s making you miserable, growth will begin in your business and your life. Your clients want to work with someone happy--and you deserve happiness. 

Invest in yourself so you can live the life you want.

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