Episode 8 - Time For Change with Martha Krejci

December 21, 2022 Concierge CPA Marketing

Today’s Guest: Martha Krejci

Martha Krejci is our guest on Episode 8 of Concierge CPA with Jackie Meyer

Martha is a marketing wizard earning her FIRST $1 million in less than a year once her developed strategy was in place. 

Her achievements are not to be overlooked as she acts as a motivational speaker, life coach, leader, and entrepreneur. She is a part of a social media powerhouse earning features in Oprah magazine, and Cosmopolitan Shape along with others. 

Some of her greatest achievements may be her role as a mother with positive energy and a wife. Martha took a risk that many may consider unwise, however, it paid exponential dividends for her and her family. 

After missing a key moment in her child’s life, she decided it was time for a change, so she went out and made one. 

Providing Unbeatable Service

Martha and Jackie talk about the importance of serving your consumers. 

When asked about a book or video that is a must-watch or read, Martha mentions the book Influence by Robert Cialdini

Martha emphasizes that serving your consumers is not only a moral way of building a foundational business but a strategy that is sustainable for years to come. Providing quality service, in anything you do, is what keeps the consumers coming back. Have you ever been to Chick-Fil-A?! 

Because it is difficult to narrow down just one ‘must read’, Martha also mentions the book $100 Million Offers by Alex Hormozi. 

Aside from listening to this book on Audible nearly every time she gets in her vehicle, (which is free on Audible by the way), Martha brings up key points from Alex’s book as well. The driving idea is that stepping out of our comfort zones under the sales paradigm could actually benefit the way we approach business. 

She compliments Alex and his wife Leila on their boldness and encourages us to think twice about where we sit in our own comfort when it comes to considering some of the courage it takes to offer a deal that can’t be refused. 

Overcoming Challenges

No matter the successes reached at any level, challenges are included in the climb and are an ongoing process. 

Martha touches on her self-proclaimed phrase, vanity bloating. In her words, this is having a big team for the sake of being able to say just that. 

The challenges that arise from this issue are communication, which is essential in effectively running any business. Instead, Martha and her team take an alternative approach and start from the end game and work backward. Stephen Covey calls this ‘beginning with the end in mind’, in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

More precisely, in order to reach the end goal, Martha suggests building a specific team that will help achieve the objective. 

Once the team is in place, Martha introduces the idea of making sure the KPIs (key performance indicators), are relevant to helping them achieve their goal. This is opposed to typical KPIs that may be completely redundant to the outcome. Martha says, ‘we’re focused on the activity that brings the result instead of just the result.’ It’s an amazing perspective when it comes to addressing challenges. 

Jackie gives us an inside look into the accounting world as well. 

There tends to be overworking and firms may struggle to hire enough employees. In a general sense, Martha and Jackie both comment on cultural issues within their respective niches and how these can play a large factor in the success of the organization’s bottom line. 

A Better Culture Leads to More Productivity

Martha briefly hits on the culture component, as she discusses the importance of understanding your employee’s personalities, and your own. 

She stresses the importance of bringing in the right people, and how this can impact overall productivity. 

When it comes to the leadership component of productivity, Martha explains that as a leader there are certain roles and headspaces that she must remain in, in order to be successful. For example, writing a blog post may not be the most suitable for her day-to-day. However, she leverages the internet to save time and focus on leading. 

…Speaking of Blog Writing

When we increase SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) specific to us, we can potentially increase the traffic to our website. 

Martha encourages everyone to google search the accounting niche they are skilled in, and write blogs on the other options that are presented. When we google search a term, it will provide us with what other people are looking for also. For example, if we were to google search ‘accounting jobs’, google may tell us that people also ask, like: 

  • ‘What jobs are in accounting?’
  • ‘What is the highest paying accounting job?’
  • ‘How do I write a resume for an accounting job?’ 

From here, she leads us to consider creating content on the questions relevant to our search, in 3-5 minute videos on YouTube. If we develop blog posts based on the transcriptions of our hypothetical videos, as well as our original blog post, we can maximize cyclical opportunities. 

Finally, the more content we produce, the better opportunities we give ourselves. 

Jackie closes this idea by reminding us of the importance of accounting niches and how the accounting world is not blanketed. In Jackie’s words, ‘everybody is not for everybody.’ 

If you’re interested in visiting Martha’s website, we have it here, with her code, BANK. 

As we close out, Martha has a love for superheroes. The irony of it all is, Martha has been a superhero on our podcast today. We appreciate the insights she’s given us and many of the leadership principles she shared!

Check out the full podcast here: https://go.jackiemeyercpa.com/podcast-guest-home-page

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