Episode 9 - Being Kind and Honest with Alex Meyer

January 3, 2023 Concierge CPA Marketing

Join us for a brief listen today as Jackie sits down with her 3rd-grade daughter, Alex. They discuss the joys (and struggles) of a day in the life of an 8-year-old.

Alex Meyer 

If you don’t know Alex, this is your chance to learn more about her. She’s a talented individual in all things soccer, art, traveling, and visiting family in Colorado. She also happens to be the daughter of our host, Jackie. 

Oh did we mention..Alex DOES have a favorite color, two actually, purple and yellow. 

Confidence is Key 

Jackie always leads off with the following question, ‘What is one book or show or something that the listeners need to drop everything they are doing (after finishing the podcast episode of course) and watch or listen to?’ 

For Alex, this is Wacky Store or Wayside School, simply because they’re hilarious. 

Jackie also loves to ask about what her guests can do exceptionally well. And sometimes that means everything. To be more specific, in the realms of everything for Alex, this means walking and talking. Her confidence is noticeable on today’s podcast as she says, ‘I’m great in everything I do.’ 

We could learn a few things from her. 

As an advisor in your accounting firm, confidence is crucial to success. It's via confidence in your own abilities that you are able to step forward and speak the truth to your own clients. 

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Lifelong Learning 

Outside of playing soccer, singing, and dancing, Jackie asks Alex about a current challenge she is facing. Alex displays amazing habits for an 8-year-old, as she talks about her struggles of building an elevator in a game called Minecraft

When she faces the challenge, Alex heads to YouTube for help. Look at that! Alex is learning from her mistakes and doing the necessary research to solve her problem. Not bad for a 3rd grader. 

Alex adds to her impressive resume, as she states she is making an app called Animal Learning. She encourages us by saying ‘if you are a kid, please download it.’ 

We’re beginning to see Alex’s potential is bright and exponential. You go, girl! 

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Be Honest. Be Kind.

Jackie quizzes Alex on the number one rule(s) in their household. Everyone could use these: 

  • Be Honest
  • Trust God
  • Love your Mom
  • Be Kind 

All in all, there is a lot that can be learned from Jackie and Alex’s quick conversation, it just may not be found on the surface. 

Jackie trusts Alex enough to have her on the podcast (because you never know what an 8-year-old might say), and in reality, Jackie gives Alex the opportunity to flourish, grow, and be trusted. 

This principle of trust is something that can be used across the board, whether that pertains to work or personal life balances. When it comes to accounting firms, investing in the employees by giving them responsibility requires a leader’s trust, and may just create room for growth and opportunity. 

Alex gives us child-like faith as she expresses her desire to pursue careers in singing, acting, dancing, and becoming an inventor. 

Although she is young and this episode is short, if we look deep enough, there is always something to be learned.

If you enjoyed this overview, be sure to listen to the full podcast above!

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